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Samsung may bring a full smartphone to your wrist this summer

Samsung Galaxy Gear

According to Wall Street Journal sources, Samsung is planning to reveal yet another smartwatch this year, and this time it won’t be reliant on a smartphone.

The trio of smartwatches that Samsung released earlier this year (Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit) and the original Galaxy Gear offer varied functionality, but one thing they all have in common is that they require a smartphone to feed you data or to make and receive phone calls. Samsung is apparently ready to cut out the middle man and offer you a smartwatch that can truly serve as your single communication device.

Having its own cellular radio means that this device would require a SIM card and possibly some kind of contract through whichever carriers offer it. It’s hard to imagine that tons of people will completely drop their smartphones for a watch, so hopefully Samsung can secure a specific add-on contract for the watch, making it more like a tablet or hotspot despite its voice and data capabilities.

With that said, there have been similar offerings like the Omate TrueSmart, and though those products may not be flying off the shelves, they do have their die-hard fans. As last year’s memorable ad for the Samsung Galaxy Gear rightly demonstrated, the standalone smartwatch is an idea we have seen in popular media for decades, so a desire for this futuristic gadget is deeply ingrained for many of us.

The Journal indicates that we should look for a June or July unveil of this smartwatch and that, like the rest of Samsung’s lineup, it will be running Tizen.

Would you replace your smartphone with a standalone smartwatch?

Source: Wall Street Journal

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