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Swarm check-in app from Foursquare now available


As promised, Foursquare’s new Swarm check-in app is now available on Android.

Swarm is the new app that will provide the check-in functionality that’s long been offered by the Foursquare app. The new Swarm app will display where your friends are at, much like Foursquare has for a while now, but it also includes a few other notable features. Those include:

  • Search past check-ins: Just like it sounds, users can search through their previous check-ins for a specific city, person or place.
  • Neighborhood sharing: Allows friends to see when you’re in their neighborhood and for you to see when friends are nearby.
  • Plans and people nearby: Users can suggest a plan or activity that’s viewable by all of their friends in their city. Those friends can then reply to the suggested plan.


As for the main Foursquare app, it will become focused on discovery. The app will learn from the places that you’ve already visited as well as reviews of local spots. It will then work its magic to recommend new restaurants and stores for you to visit. The refreshed Foursquare app is expected to roll out later this summer.

Foursquare explains that it decided to split its app into two separate apps because when most users load up the current Foursquare app, they either only check-in or only discover a new place to visit. Splitting it into two apps should help to make those two actions quicker since they’ve now got their own dedicated apps. Of course, for those users that perform both actions whenever they load up Foursquare, this split might be a bit frustrating.

Swarm can be downloaded from Google Play widget below. Once you get it installed, be sure to share your first impressions of the new app in the comments section!


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