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Google may have just teased Android 5.0 in new screenshots


Google I/O is on its way, and in accordance, the Android rumors are ramping up. After yesterday’s Quantum Paper rumor, today brings us a possible tease from El Goog itself. The screenshots below (click for full size) were from a tweet by Google, letting you know that you can follow your favorite teams in the World Cup with Google Now. But the important part lies in the clock which reads 5:00. What does that mean, you ask? Read on to find out.

Android 5.0 Tease

Since Android 2.3, Google has been using the clock as a means of indicating which version of Android a device is running. For example, the Nexus S promo images show the time being 2:30, the Moto XOOM was 3:00, the Galaxy Nexus 4:00, and so on. All the way to the Nexus 5 which says 4:40 to indicate KitKat. But the Nexus 5 in this screenshot lists the time at precisely 5:00. For a good while now, the next major overhaul of Android has been rumored to jump to the Android 5.0 numbering group. With Google I/O so close, it stands to reason that Google could be teasing us by showing the number version of the next version of Android to be released.

What’s your take on it? Is Google really teasing Android 5.0?

Via: Droid Life

Source: Google (Twitter)

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