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Next version of Android officially to run ART by default

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ART was introduced in Android 4.4 as an alternative runtime, available to those who wanted to try something other than Dalvik. Instead of doing some compiling when launching apps, all apps are pre-compiled to increase speed and efficiency. Many noticed this difference in speed, many did not. However, it should still be a more efficient method.

Of course, app incompatibility was a serious problem. But because ART was available to use on KitKat devices, developers started updating their apps to support it. And now we have confirmation that ART will replace Dalvik entirely in the next version of Android. Considering the amount of developer support ART has garnered, compatibility issues should be few and far between.

New commits to Android, namely 98553 and 98618, show that ART will now be the default runtime in whatever the next version of Android will be. That’s pretty exciting, as there hasn’t been such a huge change to the core of Android since Ice Cream Sandwich. Do you guys currently use ART? How do you like it? Leave a comment!

Via: XDA-Developers
Source: Google Source (2)

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