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OnePlus One delayed again, CyanogenMod issues to blame


The OnePlus One marketing strategy has been sort of a mess. The advertising was strong, building a lot of hype for the device. If it was released into the height of all this hype, I think it would have been very successful. Unfortunately, the device has been delayed again and again, along with employing a silly invite system that takes forever for people to actually be invited. And don’t get me started on paying for invites.

However, it seems that the device has been delayed yet again. And apparently, many of these delays aren’t fully the fault of OnePlus, rather also having to do with CyanogenMod. Since CM powers the device on the software side, the company is responsible for keeping the software stable. And stable it was not, displaying bugs that shouldn’t be on production hardware.

As we previously mentioned, the software recently received a major update but we are still working on perfecting some final issues. For that reason, we can’t yet confirm the exact date that the phone will ship. We are tirelessly working to make the One the phone you've been waiting for and so we’re going to hold off until we know that everything runs smoothly before sending them off.

While we can’t blame OnePlus for wanting to hold this phone off and not release a buggy product, people are quickly losing interest. The company built up so much hype, and is now letting it die off. It’s sad, really. Are you still interested in the OnePlus One, or is it too late? Leave a comment!

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