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Flopsy Droid brings the rage inducing Flappy Bird experience to Android Wear

4 weeks ago 2

The age old question of “Can it play Doom?” appears to have been replaced by “Can it play Flappy Bird” (or a Flappy Bird clone) and due to the incredibly simplistic nature of that game the answer is almost always yes.

Well for those of you that just had your Android Wear devices delivered, or those of you picking the LG G Watch at a nice discount from AT&T, you can rest easy in the knowledge that Flopsy Droid is ready to be installed on your LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live and you too can be randomly tapping and cursing at your wrist wherever you go.

Flopsy Droid is the creation of Sebastian Mauer and you can find it either in the Play Store or if you are skilled in the dark arts of programming you can take a peek at the source code on GitHub and create your own variant of the omnipresent mobile hit.

I haven’t managed to secure my own Android Wear watch quite yet, but Brooks has vowed to give Flopsy Droid a go and report back. If any of you intrepid readers get it installed on your Wear device first we’d love to hear how it goes.

The best part of playing a Flappy Bird clone on your smartwatch to me is that it’s attached firmly to your wrist so when you attempt to hurl it at the nearest solid object it should come away unharmed.