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Check out Minuum keyboard in action on an LG G Watch

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The LG G Watch is small. It’s tiny. How could you possibly use a virtual keyboard on that thing? Or the Gear Live? Or the Moto 360? Or any Android Wear device that could possibly come out in the future?! Allow minimalist keyboard developer Minuum to show you.

Posted on the official Minuum blog, the video below gives you the first real look at what using Minuum keyboard on an Android Wear device, specifically the LG G Watch, will look like. For those of you that remember the days of hammering out text messages on a T9 keypad (those were the days) using Minuum should look very familiar.

As for how Minuum would work on a Moto 360, there’s a mockupĀ here that looks just about as easy as the square version. If you want to get a feel for Minuum now, you can download the third-party keyboard from Google Play. While it looks a bit intimidating at first, it’s not bad once you get used to it.


Source: Minuum

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