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Motorola Shamu rumored to feature 5.9-inch display, Nexus branding


Last month, rumors suggested that HTC might contribute to Google’s Nexus program in 2014 with a new 9-inch tablet codenamed “Volantis.” Now the rumor mill claims that HTC may not be the only manufacturer building a Nexus this year.

According to Android Police, Motorola may be working on a new smartphone with the codename “Shamu.” It’s said that the device features a beefy 5.9-inch display, a fingerprint scanner and that Motorola may be collaborating with Google on the hardware. In fact, Shamu could be a new Nexus smartphone.

While there aren’t any images of the Motorola Shamu that back this rumor up, we do have a report in Google’s bug tracker to take note of. At the bottom of the page, we can see that the build number of the device that the bug is found on is as follows: aosp_shamu-userdebug L MASTER.M03400 1078 test-keys.


There are also a few pieces of information that back up the claim that this could be a Nexus device. First of all, the source of this report mentioned both the HTC Volantis and Motorola Shamu when speaking of the Android L release. The Shamu is also running a kernel built by Google. Finally, Google is known for giving Nexus hardware fishy codenames, like “hammerhead” for the Nexus 5 and “maguro” for the GSM Galaxy Nexus.

Obviously this news is till very much a rumor right now, but it does seem possible that Motorola could be tapped for a new Nexus phone. The past couple of Nexus handsets have been made by LG, so it’s likely time for some new blood in the Nexus program, and Google may have selected Motorola during the time that it owned the company.

Does this 5.9-inch Motorola Shamu sound like a smartphone that you’d like to have in your pocket?

Source: Android Police

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