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Samsung Gear Live charger reportedly damaging some smartwatches

Samsung Gear Live broken charger

It looks like a few early models of the Samsung Gear Live might have a pretty serious defect. The Samsung Gear charging system has never been particularly great, forcing you to put the watch into a special cradle to charge it. But on the Gear Live, that cradle seems to chip away part of the watch hardware, making it impossible to charge without holding or taping it down.

To be fair, these watches have just begun arriving at customer’s doors, so these may be some early bugs in the production. This shouldn’t say anything about Samsung’s quality, as every other smartwatch it’sĀ released hasn’t had this problem. However, just knowing that the LG G Watch has a better charging mechanism couldĀ be a pretty big deciding factor.

There haven’t been many cases of this, but those who have faced this problem have had trouble getting replacements. Samsung hasn’t released a statement just yet but it looks like Google is stepping up. If you already have the Gear Live from Google I/O, keep an eye out for this issue. And if you’re planning to buy one, don’t let it deter you as it’s pretty certain that Samsung wouldn’t let such a big issue get past mass production.

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