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Samsung’s latest ad cashes in on iPhone 6 rumor craze

iphone samsung display envy

Samsung is notorious for going after Apple and iOS users in its advertisements, letting the world know it’s always one step ahead of the competition. In its latest ad, Samsung isn’t even waiting for the iPhone 6 to drop with any new features. Even iPhone rumors aren’t safe from Samsung anymore.

“Dude! iPhone might be getting a bigger screen.”

“That hasn’t happened yet?”

That’s all the preface you need to know exactly what your in for with the new advertisement below. Rumors have come and gone time and time again saying that the next iPhone will launch with a larger display. We’ve seen an inordinate amount of rock-solid leaks pointing towards those rumors finally coming true lately. So Samsung has decided to rain on Apple’s parade before it even starts.

The ad is certainly effective in what it’s trying to convey. Which is exactly what Samsung has been telling consumers for some time now: The next big thing is here.

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