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US Samsung Galaxy Gear owners finally get the chance to update to Tizen

Samsung Galaxy Gear

If you’re the owner of the original Samsung Galaxy Gear, you probably know that Samsung has released an update to the world that switches the device from Android to Tizen. This switch may or may not be good for folks. For regular people, the switch will be beneficial. But for those who bought it to tinker with the Android software, the update should be avoided.

Previously, you could sideload Android apps and install modified ROMs that add a ton of functionality, though most wouldn’t do that. With Tizen OS, you get almost three times the apps of the Android OS on the Galaxy Gear, a customizable interface with the ability to change backgrounds and colors and some new app features for fitness and media.

If you are willing to ditch Android on your smartwatch, you’ll need to fully charge your Galaxy Gear and download the latest version of Samsung Kies to your computer to get that update done. You’ll lose all of your data in the switch, but you may end up with a better user experience. Check out the source link for more info and let us know in the comments if you plan to make the switch!

Source: Samsung

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