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“Get a grip, HTC!”: the problem with the One (M8)’s design


Time and time again, we hear about the wonders of aluminum phones. I’ll admit, I’ve joined the masses in singing aluminum’s praises. But is the metal perfect? No! Does it have problems? Yes! And which phone can’t be mentioned without reference to its aluminum design? The HTC One (M8). In this brief rant, we take a look at why this design has flaws and what HTC can do to fix them.

Note: I’m a proud owner of an HTC One (M8) who has oft sung praises to its metal design. In case you haven’t noticed, I love/hate it.

Right off the bat, HTC needs to balance its phone. The One (M8) is a tall, tall phone that’s also narrow. To use it comfortably and reach all parts of the screen, you have to do some hand yoga. Flipping the phone around raises the probability that you’ll drop it, so this issue needs to get sorted out with the next device in the series. Just shrink the phone vertically and perhaps make it a touch wider and it’ll be good to go.

But here’s the biggest problem: the One (M8) is like a slippery bar of soap. The Gunmetal Gray model in particular struggles with this issue, slip-sliding out of your hand all the time. And it doesn’t have to be your hand; whether it’s on your desk, your pocket, your bed, the phone just slides around.

The problem is quite clear: it’s easy to drop the One (M8) when it practically shoots itself out of your hand. So what’s the remedy? Well, you could get a case to put on the phone, but you then lose out on the upsides of metal. You could try and rub off some of the finish and coating, but you probably won’t have much success. In fact, the only real answer lies with HTC. While the One (M8)’s metal design is great, it’s impractical if HTC doesn’t change things up.

HTC first needs to balance out the height and width of the One (M8). Then it needs to either add some texture to the back or switch to a different coating that makes the phone less slippery. In short, HTC needs to get a grip.

How many of you have experienced this problem?

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