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LG’s G3 Beat commercial is something else, and you need to watch it

LG G3 Beat (2)

LG has released a new commercial for the LG G3 Beat and it’s one of the weirder commercials we’ve seen. The commercial starts off by channeling your inner hippy and realizing that “This is the story of one reality in an infinite gamut of alternate possibilities.” From then it goes on to a multitude of different things including, but not limited to, money-stealing boyfriends, missed fly balls, soaring croissants, and Emma, “the type of girl that you could not hate, even if you wanted to. But nobody wants to.”

During the multitude of random things coming at you, the commercial somehow manages to show off just about every feature of the LG G3 Beat. Everything from the laser autofocus to the the gesture shutter to the metallic skin and perfect fit. As horrible as it could have turned out to be, the commercial actually kept us entertained while also informing us about the features of the phone in a way that isn’t easy to forget. Kudos to LG for making weird, well, cool.

Via: Android Central

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