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Moto X will be updated to Android L

Motorola Moto X

When it comes to Motorola hardware, much of the recent news has been on the unannounced Moto X+1. Today it’s time to talk about the phone that actually exists, the Moto X, and share some news that ought to please existing X owners.

A Motorola exec has confirmed that the Moto X will receive an update to Android L. Punit Soni, Motorola’s VP of Product Management, recently responded to a question about the Moto X’s odds of getting an Android L update with a simple “Yup.”

Exactly when the Moto X’s Android L update will actually hit consumers remains a mystery, but considering how speedy Motorola has been about updating the Moto X in the past, we’re betting that there won’t be much time between Android L’s official launch and the Moto X update’s rollout. For now you Moto X owners can just rejoice knowing that you’ll get a taste of Android L just for being you.

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