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Xiaomi overtakes Samsung in sales in China

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Samsung is considered the big dog in most large markets, especially here in the US. The company dominates all others around it, meaning firms like HTC and LG are just picking up the crumbs. However, China is a very different smartphone market. It’s very price-focused and it looks like Samsung can’t stay on top there.

China sales 2014

According to statistics for the second quarter of 2014, Xiaomi has overtaken by Samsung in China. The small brand makes cheap but powerful devices for purchase outside of a contract, exclusively for China. The low price of the hardware means that Xiaomi’s sales have risen from 5 percent of all sales last year to 14 percent this year.

Samsung, on the other hand, sold almost 1.8 million fewer devices than Xiaomi, bringing its market share to 12 percent. Seeing a giant beaten in a different country is definitely interesting. The market in the US is slowly shifting towards cheaper off-contract devices, but Samsung is still king of Android around these parts. But the mighty must fall someday.

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Source: Canalys

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