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ISIS mobile payment officially renaming to Softcard


ISIS has been a solid alternative to Google Wallet for those who want a mobile payment system. Tap your NFC enabled device to a supported sensor inside a store, and your bank card is charged. No need to carry around your wallet or fumble with cards (not that it’s very difficult).

But with growing problems elsewhere in the world, the name ISIS was more and more associated with a terrorist group, and ISIS mobile payments clearly wanted to get away from that image. Despite the group no longer calling itself ISIS, the mobile payment system will be renamed to Softcard.

It’ll take a few weeks for this change to roll out to everyone, so your app won’t be updated immediately. And with this name change, nothing else will be different. So keep an eye out for the app update and let us know in the comments how often you use mobile payments.

Via: Android Central

Source: ISIS

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