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Motorola announces Moto Hint and Power Pack Micro alongside new devices

Moto Hint

Exclusive first-party accessories are all the rage right now. Samsung has their cases and the new Gear VR; Sony has a mounting bracket that helps in turning your smartphone into a display for your PS4; And now Motorola has the Moto Hint and Power Pack Micro.

The Moto Hint is by far the cooler of the two accessories to be announced today. It’s essentially a normal BlueTooth ear piece, but it’s really small and is designed to match the new Moto X. The body of the Moto Hint is made out of aluminum and it comes with a variety of finishes for the front including what looks like linen, wood and leather. The Moto Hint can be used with voice actions on your Moto X, and comes with a sensor for automatically pairing with your phone and disconnecting. The battery in the Moto Hint lasts ten hours, but it comes with a small keychain that houses a battery good for charging the Moto Hint two times.

The Power Pack Micro serves double duty as a way to charge your Moto-phone on the go, via a 1 amp 1500mAh battery, and as a phone or key finder with a built-in speaker. The Power Pack Micro also comes in a variety of colors.

The Motorola Hint will be available this fall for $149, and the Power Pack Micro is available today for $39.

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