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Google Hangouts can now filter out keyboard clacking


Google Hangouts has quite a few useful features to make the video chatting experience better. One of those features is to prevent excessive noise by muting your microphone when keyboard sounds are detected so that others in the chat won’t have to hear you typing like a madman while they’re talking. This feature used to mute your mic entirely, but now Google has devised a better way to handle this noise. Instead of muting your mic and forcing you to stop typing before you can speak, Google Hangouts will now filter out the keyboard noise automatically. This is especially useful for those with extra loud mechanical keyboards, since they interfere quite a bit more.

This obviously applies to Google Hangouts in a browser, not on your Android device. It’s a brilliant addition to what I consider to be the best video chatting system out there, so go try it out for yourself!

Source: +Google for Work

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