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Google has begun to send out more Inbox invites


Yesterday Google introduced us to its new companion app for Gmail, dubbed Inbox. Everyone has been clamoring to try it, but the service is invite-only. You could request an invite, however, and Google is now sending out the first round of invites. We’re not sure how exactly Google is choosing those to send invites to, but at least three members of our staff have received them and others across the web are reporting that they’ve received invites as well. Unfortunately, it appears that those now getting invites don’t have the ability to invite others to Inbox.

Inbox provides a new way to keep track of messages and tasks through a single app. In some respects, it functions like a standard email app, allowing you to browse through your emails and send and reply as usual. But it also organizes similar emails into smart Bundles and adds in reminders and to-do lists to the app, making it more of a multi-purpose tool.

Let us know if you received an invite!

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