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Google Play services 7.8 rollout completed with some cool new features


Google Play services 7.8 has finally been rolled out to every single eligible Android user as of today, and we all have access to the new features. And this update is a big one. Introduced is the new Nearby Messages, which is an API we’ve covered before. It allows Android devices to act as beacons for other nearby devices, which opens doors for some great app ideas.

Another feature is the Mobile Vision API, which consists of two APIs. The Face API is a big improvement over the previous facial recognition system. It can find faces in all orientations and single out specific parts of the face, including seeing if you’re smiling. The Barcode API can read multiple barcodes in real-time.

Lastly, Google Cloud Messaging has been updated and improved, as well as prepped for the upcoming Android M release. It will feature high and low priority messages in the next version of Android. If you want to check out more details or download the SDK, hit the source link!

Source: Android Developers Blog

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