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Action Launcher 3 update introduces Quickfind

Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is a constantly evolving and very unique launcher made by Chris Lacy. The latest update for September 2015 introduces quite a few changes, but the main addition is Quickfind. It’s a similar feature to Google Now Launcher’s implementation, but done better and faster.

Swiping from the app drawer button opens the drawer and automatically opens your keyboard, allowing you to quickly search for an app using the first few letters. Hitting the Go button on the keyboard immediately opens the app, making this implementation super fast. It also works with widgets and T9 keyboards.

Other new features include the new Google logo (both monochrome and rainbow), transition animations for the home screen, support for dynamic icons (such as a changing calendar icon), and more. Hit the source link to check it out!

Source: Google Play: Action Launcher, +Chris Lacy

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