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Possible Samsung Marshmallow update schedule leaked

Samsung Marshmallow leaked timeline

Most companies are always late to the update game. While Nexus devices and a few others have been running Marshmallow for months, most OEMs are still working to get their flagships updated. Samsung is not the slowest one out there, but they’re far from quick. Thankfully, a Marshmallow update roadmap has leaked that suggests that Samsung’s updates are very close.

A bunch of Samsung devices will reportedly be getting the Marshmallow update in the next few months, even older devices released in 2014. It’s nice to see Samsung supporting older flagships and even non-flagship devices, as Android 6.0¬†will offer performance improvements and, most importantly, significant security improvements.

Other Samsung devices will be getting the update too, like the Samsung Galaxy A7, but there are no specific times for those devices (or even a concrete list). If you don’t see your device on the list, all hope is not lost.

Source: Phone Arena

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