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Some T-Mobile LG V10 users receiving Marshmallow update


We knew that the LG V10 on T-Mobile was supposed to receive Marshmallow this week, but it came sooner than expected. Despite there being no official documentation released so far, some LG V10 users are reporting that they’re getting the update.

Some people are getting the update through LG Bridge, the computer program that manages LG devices, while some have received it as an OTA. It’s obviously a slow rollout so far, but you have to ways to potentially get the update, so give LG Bridge a shot if it doesn’t show up on your phone.

The update brings with it Google Now on Tap, Doze mode, customizable permissions, and a host of fixes to make your device run better. It also has the March security updates bundled with it. Let us know when you receive the update and how you like it!

Via: TmoNews

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