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Motorola releases teaser showing off the old RAZR with June 9 date

Motorola’s latest teaser is for the date of June 9 2016, and it plays heavily on our nostalgia over the original RAZR. The video shows off a bunch of youngsters in school using their RAZRs, which brings us back to the day when RAZRs were the coolest device you ccould have, maybe other than┬áthe Sidekick.

A new device wasn’t featured or even hinted at, but the fact that we’ve already seen some leaks of the Vector Thin points to the fact that Motorola may sell the device under the RAZR brand. At 5.2mm thick, the Vector Thin would be the most ideal candidate to take on the RAZR name, bringing it back to its roots.

We can’t wait to see what Motorola unveils early next month, and the video is definitely an enjoyable watch if you were part of the generation that lusted after the original RAZR over a decade ago. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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