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Sony to defocus on USA, India, and Brazil due to low growth


Sony has never been a huge player in the smartphone market when it comes to the US. Some say the popularity of the brand faded a while ago outside of its consoles, while others think that Sony doesn’t try hard enough, with the Xperia line never being made to stand out.

However, Sony still does well in some regions. Its Android smartphones are quite popular in Europe and other places, so the brand isn’t failing by any means. The company held an investor day in Japan recently where it discussed its future strategy, and that included “defocusing” on the USA, India, and Brazil.

Sony’s¬†growth in these markets is even slower than expected, so the company plans to focus elsewhere. What “defocusing” means we don’t know, but we wonder how it’ll affect the US market, where Sony isn’t really focusing in the first place.

Sony fans in these markers, what are your thoughts on the situation? Where will you go if you can’t get your Xperia fix? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Xperia Blog

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