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T-Mobile updating Note 7 with 60% charge limit, New Zealand blocking devices from networks


If you’re still using your Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you should definitely return it for a refund or another device. They’ve been proven dangerous and risking a fire isn’t a great idea. However, updates around the world are definitely “encouraging” people to get rid of the devices better than recommendations could.

T-Mobile has announced an update that will limit a full charge to 60% of maximum capacity, much like others have done. This update will also change the battery indicator to a gray color and make the recall pop-ups more frequent. The update launches tomorrow.

On top of that, Samsung New Zealand has announced that the Note 7 will no longer be able to connect to mobile networks in the country, rendering the devices basically useless. This starts on November 18, so those in New Zealand have until that date to get a phone that will continue functioning.

It’s definitely an unfortunate situation for everyone, but at this point Samsung is just trying to stop it from getting worse. If you still have a Note 7, trade it in.

Source: T-Mobile, Samsung New Zealand

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