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More details on Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked


The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a lot riding on it. After the downfall of the Galaxy Note 7, a lot of people are waiting for the Galaxy S8 to upgrade and many more are waiting for something to be wrong with it.

New rumors have given us more details on what the device is going to feature when it launches. There are currently two versions, codenamed Dream and Dream 2, which are in the 5-inch and 6-inch region, respectively. Both should have “infinity” displays that will cover most of the front of the device and curve to the sides. There isn’t even room for a logo on the front, which means the fingerprint reader has been moved to the back.

Other details are the inclusion of an iris scanner, a headphone jack, a similar but improved camera from the Galaxy S7, 64GB of memory with a microSD slot, USB Type-C, a 10nm-based processor, and a personal assistant AI.

Some accessories were also discussed. There will be a dock and a DeX (desktop extension) to turn the device into an Android-based PC when hooked up to the right peripherals.

The Galaxy S8 will reportedly go on sale late April and won’t be announced at Mobile World Congress, so we have a bit longer to wait to find out more. What do you think so far? Leave a comment!

Source: The Guardian

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