Apr 06 AT 2:11 PM Nick Gray 23 Comments

The HTC One (M8) Software: a Sense of Evolution

We all love Android because of its power and flexibility. Unfortunately, the flexibility aspect of Google’s mobile operating system has been contorted and misused, giving phone and tablet owners a user experience that’s bloated and unintuitive.

If we turn the clock back a few years to when Android was still learning to crawl, HTC introduced ... Read More »

Apr 03 AT 1:10 PM Nick Gray 19 Comments

HTC One (M8) Camera Experience: Blurring Out the Competition

Besides the stunning design of the HTC one (M8), the most talked about feature of HTC’s latest flagship smartphone is its Duo Camera. Today, we’ll be taking a close look at the HTC One (M8)’s unique imaging setup and see if HTC has managed to delivery an improvement over last year’s UltraPixel camera on the ... Read More »


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Jan 13 AT 9:59 AM Nick Gray 6 Comments

Up close and personal with Pebble Steel

At CES 2014, there was a lot of talk about wearables and how this new technology category will be transforming the way we interact with our smartphones and monitor our daily lives. While companies like Sony and LG were busy showing off their first generation devices in this segment, Pebble chose CES to launch Pebble ... Read More »

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