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Wink home automation via your Android device: GoControl Smart Garage Door Controller

Some time ago, we caught word via a neighborhood watch group that some crooks in our area were getting clever and stealing things like garage door openers and car registrations. So I did the obvious thing and started carrying my garage door opener with me, but it wasn’t as convenient as it initially sounded. When I got home, ... Read More »

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TYLT ENERGI 6K charger/power bank review

Power banks are fantastic accessories to keep around for emergencies. Whether you’re abroad or just want to avoid missing a Snapchat, having some form of communication always available is important. So instead of carrying around a charger and a separate power bank, why not carry both in one device?

Price: $69.99-89.99 Capacity: 6,000 mAh Plugs: US ... Read More »

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Review: Lenovo 100S Chromebook, the affordable holiday laptop

Chromebooks have always been an area of interest. The concept of the Chromebook took cues from the failed wave of netbooks and went for portability and low price. But rather than pairing that with a traditionally more intensive operating system like Windows, Chromebooks were outfitted with Chrome OS, Google’s ultra-light operating system that revolves around ... Read More »

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