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T-Mobile One offers unlimited data, messaging, and minutes, plus other Un-carrier perks

T-Mobile this morning announced its Un-carrier 12 details, but it did so without much fanfare this time around, even though it’s potentially one of the biggest announcements Magenta has made to date.

T-Mobile has been striving to be the “Un-carrier” for quite some time now, and with its 12th major announcement, it’s certainly revealed ... Read More »

T-Mobile Uncarrier
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Nokia confirms at least three upcoming Android devices, may be announced this year

Nokia is a brand that’s nearly universally loved for its last phones, and we wish the company would make a big comeback and once again release amazing devices. Nokia’s Microsoft partnership really didn’t help the company succeed, but thankfully, we may see an unlikely but possible resurgence soon.

Nokia executive Mike Wang stated that there will be at least ... Read More »

The Nokia E70 featured a similar split keyboard.