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Jul 21 AT 1:46 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Security analyst builds device that takes control of your Chromecast, endlessly Rickrolls you

It looks like a very common exploit was found within the Chromecast that can be used to take over the stream, displaying anything the person wants. It’s actually pretty funny, as long as it isn’t happening to you. Security analyst Dan Petro built the device and has called it the Rickmote.

This device, based ... Read More »

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May 30 AT 2:58 PM Dustin Earley 6 Comments

Android TV set to launch at Google I/O

Google’s first attempt at taking over your living room with Google TV was, by all measures, a flop. Its follow-up, however, was the complete opposite. Chromecast has been an immense success, making it the streaming stick to own for Android, Chrome and iOS users. This June, we’ll find out if Google’s third attempt at taking over ... Read More »

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