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Jul 28 AT 8:29 PM Sean Riley 7 Comments

Chromecast exploit reveals Android DNA and potential Google TV functionality

Based on Google’s own words at the announcement and the devices very name, Chromecast, it would be a reasonable assumption that the highly sought after new $35 dongle from Google was running some variant of Chrome OS. The people at GTVHacker have found that instead the Chromecast is instead running a ... Read More »


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Apr 24 AT 12:31 PM Taylor Wimberly 11 Comments

Amazon planning to introduce box to compete with Google TV

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Amazon is planning to introduce a television set-top box this fall, according to three people familiar with the project who aren’t authorized to discuss it. Details are limited, but the device is being developed by Amazon’s Lab126 division, which created the Kindle family of products.

Amazon already offers a lineup of Android-powered tablets, ... Read More »