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Jan 06 AT 8:02 PM Taylor Wimberly 27 Comments

Tune into NVIDIA’s CES 2013 live press conference tonight at 8PM PT / 11PM ET

Want a sneak peek at the newest mobile processor to power your next smartphone and tablet? Tonight NVIDIA is holding their CES press conference, and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang is widely expected to unveil the highly anticipated Tegra 4 chip. Recent leaks suggest we will see the world’s first mobile chip with Read More »


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Dec 01 AT 2:50 PM Taylor Wimberly 50 Comments

Quad-core processors coming to Android devices in the near future

I’m not sure who coined the phrase first, but those “Chuck Norris quad-core ¬†processors” that everyone likes to joke about on Twitter could make their way into Android devices sooner than you think.

Buried¬†inside NVIDIA’s multi-core whitepaper from yesterday was an interesting note that quad-core CPUs are coming “in the near future”. If ... Read More »