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Sep 16 AT 12:51 PM Evan Selleck 1 Comment

Microsoft announces the Universal Mobile Keyboard, launches in October to boost productivity

Bluetooth accessories are not rare when it comes to mobile devices, especially for tablets, and Microsoft has just unveiled a new contender for your hard-earned cash. The new Universal Mobile Keyboard is a low-profile, “chiclet” style keyboard meant to help you boost your productivity while you’re on the go.

image Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

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Aug 07 AT 9:00 AM Dima Aryeh 10 Comments

Review: Tylt Alin screen protector

Applying screen protectors is an art. It’s difficult to do decently and nearly impossible to do perfectly. I’m actually very good at applying screen protectors (not to brag) but it’s such a hassle that I hate to do it. Tylt attempts to solve this issue with the Alin screen protector, and I gave it a ... Read More »

Tylt Alin screen protector 2
Mar 07 AT 2:11 PM Dima Aryeh 4 Comments

G-Project G-POP Bluetooth speaker review

Many of you may have never heard of G-Project, but you definitely should. G-Project makes speakers, many of which are of the Bluetooth variety, but with some big twists. They’re made to be rugged, loud and low-cost. But being low-cost has never stopped the speakers from sounding good. This review will be on the G-POP, ... Read More »

G-Project G-POP 1