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Nov 16 AT 9:48 AM Nick Gray 9 Comments

Amazon Kindle Fire gets root access with SuperOneClick

If you are among the millions who have already purchased the Amazon Kindle Fire, you may be pleased to learn that Amazon’s new Android tablet has already been rooted. The Kindle Fire’s rooting method was discovered by death2all11o who used the Android SDK and SuperOneClick 2.2 to do a lot of the heavy lifting. The ... Read More »


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Nov 16 AT 9:45 AM Taylor Wimberly 15 Comments

Amazon Kindle Fire unboxing and specs don’t matter, but ecosystem and price will push it past iPad sales

Can the Amazon Kindle Fire really outsell Apple’s iPad2? After spending less than a day with the $199 Kindle Fire, I believe Amazon will pull it off. And I think it will happen much sooner than many analyst are thinking.

As many bloggers have been discussing this week, hardware specs don’t really matter with a ... Read More »

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