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Review: LEO Privacy

It’s more important than ever to protect the data on our devices. Our phones and tablets go everywhere with us, and contain data from every aspect of our lives.

Passcode and swipe patterns do a great job of locking our devices, and for many people this will be enough in terms of protection. But if ... Read More »

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Review: Cartogram — Indoor Maps

Whichever phone you own, there’s a good chance that the pre-installed mapping application is of a decent standard. For the majority of people, it will be perfectly capable of getting you from A to B and back again. One benefit of Android as a platform in fact is the tight integration with Google’s own Maps ... Read More »

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Review: Pumpic Mobile Monitoring

Kids are exposed to more than ever before with the advent of modern technology, particularly mobile devices. Monitoring exactly what our young ones have access to and making sure they stay safe online may seem like a daunting task but there are tools out there for keeping a handle on your child’s digital life.

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Review: MailDroid

We all receive a lot of emails — both for work and in our personal lives — and having a great app for managing all of those messages is an excellent idea. Fortunately, there are plenty of apps to choose from — from email providers, device manufacturers and third-parties alike.

The pre-installed email apps tend ... Read More »

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Review: Snapbrite

We all love taking photos of our friends and family, and that’s even truer for those with kids. If you’ve got young ones of your own, you’ll no doubt snap pics of every moment of their development and at every special occasion in an effort to document their life stages.

But rarely do we ever ... Read More »

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Review: Hexlock — App Lock Security

Increasingly, we find ourselves using our smartphones and tablets across all areas of our lives, be it at the office or at home. The BYOD culture of many workplaces has meant that we’re mixing work and play in ways we haven’t before. While it’s incredible that one device can meet all of our needs, it ... Read More »

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Review: Photolamus

You might not come across many caricaturists in your lifetime. On vacation or in tourist spots, you can likely sit down with an artist and have them draw you in 10 minutes, but these experiences are not regular occurrences and are usually pretty expensive.

When we’ve all got thousands of photos of ourselves and our ... Read More »

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Review: Cannon Golf

When playing golf, have you ever wondered what would happen if you replaced your driver with a cannon? Your chipping wedge with a mortar? Or your putter with an anti-tank gun? No? Me neither, but the developer of Cannon Golf certainly has and has created a side-scrolling crazy golf game for Android that ... Read More »

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