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Sep 22 AT 3:41 PM Edgar Cervantes 18 Comments

Facebook announces Timeline, other features; mobile version should be coming soon

If you haven’t completely moved to Google+, you’ve probably noticed all the changes Facebook has been working on lately. Feelings are mixed about these changes, but most people seem to dislike them. Well, we have one more addition to the repertoire, and this one actually seems to be a bit more exciting.

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Jun 03 AT 12:58 AM Anthony Domanico 38 Comments

doubleTwist releases companion Android app for desktop client

DoubleTwist has announced today that they have released an Android music player replacement app–offering music, video, podcast, and picture integration with its PC and Mac software. The doubleTwist press release states that their app will bring a seamless end-to-end media experience that will allow users to finally leave their iPods at home.

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Jun 11 AT 8:30 PM Christopher Earle 18 Comments

Lock 2.0 Reviewed For Android

One of the criticisms of Android based devices that has often been leveled by corporate IT departments is security. With only pattern based security, by default, the number of possible pattern security combinations is fairly small. The chance of someone being able to replicate a default security pattern by watching an Android user unlock his ... Read More »