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Apr 03 AT 2:46 PM Dustin Earley 17 Comments

Twitter for Android updated with Holo UI, new card support

The number one reason why third-party Twitter clients are so popular on Android? Because the option Twitter has provided, for years now, sucks. For how big Twitter is, it’s astonishing how bad their app is. Or rather, was. Today, Twitter for Android has finally been updated to feel more at home on the platform.

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Apr 01 AT 6:23 PM Dustin Earley 33 Comments

Read this: How iOS is still creating a negative impact on Android

When iOS was first released, there’s no denying it was a revolutionary product. Since then, in terms of features and flexibility, Android has eclipsed iOS three times over. Yet many Android apps still function at a lower capacity. Despite having a clear advantage in overall market share, iOS leads the pack in mind share. Companies ... Read More »

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Mar 21 AT 3:30 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Google Play 4.0 hands-on

Google has committed to the Holo design guidelines for all things Android, and is constantly working on tweaking and improving apps and services within those guidelines. One could argue that already, the next evolution of Holo is being established right before our very eyes. Post-Google Now Holo has a distinct look over the Holo introduced ... Read More »