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Oct 16 AT 9:26 AM Evan Selleck 3 Comments

Google could reduce Android customization restrictions for Wear, TV and Auto in due time

When Google officially unveiled Material Design, their new design aesthetic meant to be used across the board for several different platforms, the look was consistent, familiar even when you switched from Android Auto to Android TV and looked down at your Android Wear-based smartwatch. That’s due to a general restriction on OEM customization ... Read More »

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Jun 30 AT 1:30 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Android Wear, Android Auto and Android TV won’t be getting manufacturer skins

Android skins have been a very important and controversial part of Android almost since its inception. Back when Android was young, it was an undeniably bad operating system. Sure, enthusiasts loved it, but it was terrible for general use. Manufacturer skins managed to change that, starting with HTC Sense UI. Sense really showed us how ... Read More »


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