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Dec 27 AT 3:18 PM Taylor Wimberly 54 Comments

Gameloft’s New Year’s sale, all their games for only $0.99

Over the holidays Gameloft announced that all their games in the Android Market will be going on sale for $0.99 as part of a special New Years promotion. Starting Thursday Dec. 29th (10:00AM PST) until Thursday Jan. 5th (10:00AM PST) all paid titles on the Android Market will be reduced to $0.99. The only exception is the newly released Read More »


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Dec 06 AT 4:31 PM Dustin Earley 45 Comments

Help fund PXL now: the auto-updating gaming magazine you’ve always wanted

Magazines as we know them have reached their transition point. They’re slowly but surely making the switch to digital, but it isn’t playing out as smoothly as it could. In their current state, magazines shouldn’t just have their pages ported to digital pictures. Thanks to the Internet, writing something even a couple days before releasing ... Read More »

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