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Dec 13 AT 4:43 PM Dustin Earley 98 Comments

Flurry: Developers still heavily favoring iOS over Android

During the Le Web technology conference held recently in Paris, France, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt took to the stage to lay out some predictions on how developers will favor Android over iOS before 2012 is finished. He said that within six month’s time, developers will be releasing apps for Android before iOS due to the sheer volume ... Read More »

android-apple Image via: laihiu with Creative Commons
Nov 18 AT 2:56 PM Edgar Cervantes 32 Comments

Apple’s tables have turned; Motorola brings patent lawsuit, 2.7 billion at stake

It’s usually Android manufacturers that get hit by the big guys in patent lawsuits. Our friends have been getting ready, though, and it seems the war is slowly starting to turn around. This time Motorola is going after Apple in a German court, claiming that Apple has infringed upon its patents. Good ... Read More »


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