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Mar 07 AT 2:11 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

G-Project G-POP Bluetooth speaker review

Many of you may have never heard of G-Project, but you definitely should. G-Project makes speakers, many of which are of the Bluetooth variety, but with some big twists. They’re made to be rugged, loud and low-cost. But being low-cost has never stopped the speakers from sounding good. This review will be on the G-POP, ... Read More »

G-Project G-POP 1
Jan 27 AT 10:27 AM Taylor Wimberly 40 Comments

Samsung still reviewing several options when to launch their flagship Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S III truly is the next big thing in Android land right now, even though the device has not been officially announced. Many of us expected Samsung to unpack their next flagship phone during Mobile World Congress in late February, but the latest rumors suggest it will not ... Read More »

The wait is on.

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