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Jun 24 AT 12:46 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Soundfreaq launches Pocket Kick, portable Bluetooth speaker with 10-hour battery

A favorite company of mine, Soundfreaq,┬áhas just launched the new Pocket Kick Bluetooth speaker. The Pocket Kick is the successor to the Sound Kick, the first Soundfreaq speaker I ever used. Though it’s similar in many ways, it changes things up by shrinking significantly and adding a longer lasting battery.

The little speaker is only ... Read More »

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Mar 07 AT 2:11 PM Dima Aryeh 4 Comments

G-Project G-POP Bluetooth speaker review

Many of you may have never heard of G-Project, but you definitely should. G-Project makes speakers, many of which are of the Bluetooth variety, but with some big twists. They’re made to be rugged, loud and low-cost. But being low-cost has never stopped the speakers from sounding good. This review will be on the G-POP, ... Read More »

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