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Nov 15 AT 5:28 PM Dustin Earley 22 Comments

Canada’s big three lay out launch plans for the Galaxy Nexus; US users jealous, eh?

It’s been nearly one month since the Galaxy Nexus was first announced, but Canada’s three largest carriers (Rogers, Bell and Telus) have all announced their launch plans for the pure Google device.

Bell will be the first carrier in Canada to release the handset, starting in early December. No specific date has been handed out ... Read More »


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May 04 AT 1:02 PM Matt Demers 8 Comments

HTC Legend headed to AT&T?

The FCC’s releases are fickle swamp to wade through, but every once and awhile you find something interesting. The label above, posted today, might look a little confusing, but according to Engadget it’s a match for the sticker found inside the HTC Legend.

The FCC filing explains that the phone might be headed for a ... Read More »