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Sep 26 AT 11:49 AM Dima Aryeh 6 Comments

Motorola opening office in Blackberry hometown, looking to hire

Blackberry is going through some tough times. Their devices simply aren’t succeeding, and they’re quickly losing money. In the wake of such financial losses, the company has had to downsize. It is laying off as many as 4,500 employees in its hometown of Waterloo, putting a lot of people out of jobs. Who will come ... Read More »

Motorola Office

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Sep 18 AT 3:15 PM Dima Aryeh 30 Comments

BBM coming to Android on September 21

Is it finally the day? Are we dreaming? Will it matter? BlackBerry has finally announced a release date for BlackBerry Messenger going cross platform. It will be coming to Android on September 21 at 7 AM and to iOS on September 22 at 12:01 AM. Then we can all start chatting with our cross platform ... Read More »

Feb 03 AT 4:54 PM Dustin Earley 30 Comments

Develop an Android app, submit it to BlackBerry App World and get a free PlayBook

RIM wants Android apps in their BlackBerry App World market so bad, they’re practically giving away PlayBooks to developers who submit them. What’s that you say, they actually are giving away PlayBooks? Oh RIM, what’s happened to you?

Instead of building quality hardware, pairing it with quality software and attracting users and app developers the ... Read More »