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Mar 24 AT 9:49 PM Taylor Wimberly 42 Comments

Instagram for Android still coming soon, so check out these 12 alternative cameras

Instagram describes its service as “A fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family.” It’s already one of the most popular apps on iOS with over 27 million users and early this month Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced his popular iOS app was coming to Android very soon.

Systrom promised it would be ... Read More »

Feb 14 AT 9:30 AM Nick Gray 36 Comments

Magically remove unwanted moving object from your pictures with Remove by Scalado

Sick and tired of obnoxious people moving in and out of your pictures? Remove by Scalado may be exactly what you need! Remove is a new camera technology that enables users to remove any moving object from a picture after it has been taken. Scalado is not revealing the exact details about how Remove works, but ... Read More »


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