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May 05 AT 5:53 PM Dima Aryeh 2 Comments

Google Now will tell you if a product you’ve recently searched for is available nearby

Google Now has always been helpful and it continues to get better with every update. Google pushes out updates quite often, adding new features to help you in your everyday life. Today another update is rolling out that adds yet another useful feature: showing you product availability around you for products you want.

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Jan 31 AT 5:53 PM Dustin Earley 15 Comments

Chrome one step closer to Google Now support

A couple months back, in the development notes for the Chromium project, it was mentioned that Google is working on a “skeleton” for Google Now in Chrome, that would be accessible through “Chrome Notifications.” Google commented saying that the company is always experimenting with their products, but they had nothing to announce at the time. ... Read More »