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Oct 08 AT 12:44 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Chrome feature in testing allows use of Android screencast to debug websites

Before features officially make it to the Chrome browser, they’re always added as test versions that can be enabled by the brave and adventurous. And thanks to François Beaufort, we find out many of these secrets before they reach a finished state. The newest feature found is Android screencast support in the browser.

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Jan 31 AT 5:53 PM Dustin Earley 15 Comments

Chrome one step closer to Google Now support

A couple months back, in the development notes for the Chromium project, it was mentioned that Google is working on a “skeleton” for Google Now in Chrome, that would be accessible through “Chrome Notifications.” Google commented saying that the company is always experimenting with their products, but they had nothing to announce at the time. ... Read More »

Jan 31 AT 5:51 PM Dustin Earley 13 Comments

Google’s campus has a new Android statue, and it probably means nothing

There’s a picture going around on Google+ today that features a new installment on Google’s Mountain View campus, fueling rumors and speculation. It’s of a chrome Android statue, and unfortunately, it probably means nothing.

Posted by Googler Paul Wilcox, positioned across the street from where Google has placed a new statue for every ... Read More »

chrome android statue Image via: Paul Wilcox