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Jan 04 AT 11:09 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

Lenovo unveils its high-end ThinkPad 13 Chromebook

Lenovo has unveiled its 2016 CES laptop lineup, revealing its new ThinkPad 13 Chromebook. While there are a lot of cheap Chromebooks on the market, Lenovo is hoping that the ThinkPad 13 Chromebook will impress its long-time customers who appreciate traditional ThinkPad build and internal hardware that’s comparable to Windows 10 laptops. On the outside, the Chromebook ... Read More »

Nov 25 AT 9:42 AM Nick Sarafolean 0 Comments

Review: Lenovo 100S Chromebook, the affordable holiday laptop

Chromebooks have always been an area of interest. The concept of the Chromebook took cues from the failed wave of netbooks and went for portability and low price. But rather than pairing that with a traditionally more intensive operating system like Windows, Chromebooks were outfitted with Chrome OS, Google’s ultra-light operating system that revolves around ... Read More »

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