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Apr 22 AT 3:35 PM Dustin Earley 14 Comments

Google Glass retail launch still a year away

So you’ve been tuned in to the hype machine for the last year. You’ve seen the unboxings, you’ve read the Google+ Posts, and now you want to know: when can I, a plain ol’ consumer, get my hands on Google Glass? I’m sorry to let you know, you’ve still got another year’s wait ahead of ... Read More »


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Apr 16 AT 10:45 AM Taylor Wimberly 39 Comments

Eric Schmidt teases Motorola’s upcoming “phenomenal” phones plus other devices

Google’s Eric Schmidt appeared on-stage at today’s Dive Into Mobile conference, and he hinted Motorola’s upcoming wave of devices. When asked about Motorola’s new set of products, Schmidt said, “[They] are phenomenal. Wait and see for this next generation of technology, it’s very impressive.” Specific details about any new products were withheld, but Schmidt hinted ... Read More »

Nov 08 AT 9:43 AM Anthony Domanico 17 Comments

Eric Schmidt confirms that Google will not play favorites with Motorola

Ever since Google announced its intent to purchase Motorola Mobility, several Android device manufacturers have been a bit uneasy about what this move could mean for their future business. Though statements released by these manufacturers immediately after the acquisition announcement were all relatively positive, these companies are still worried about how Google entering the hardware ... Read More »