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May 15 AT 5:34 PM Taylor Wimberly 12 Comments

Gaikai and NVIDIA to bring next generation console gaming to Android with GeForce GRID

Cloud gaming on Android is going to get a shot of adrenaline later this year. Today at the GPU Technology Conference, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that their new Kepler chip was the world’s first GPU for cloud computing and it would be powering Gaikai‘s multi-platform gaming service.

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Nov 14 AT 3:54 PM Dustin Earley 3 Comments

Socialscope for Android coming soon, bringing Instagram support?

BlackBerry has always been seriously lacking in app selection. More so than any other major platform out there. But there’s one app Berry users have been able to hold over Android and iOS users for years now. It’s called Socialscope, and it’s a networking powerhouse.

Socialscope is a one-stop shop for social networking. It features ... Read More »

socialscope Image via: AndroidCentral